The New Mendoza: "Acoustic Freak"!

Having somewhat neglected the professional aspect of his life in favor of sharing his personal convictions with the world over the past 7 years, the pendulum is now swinging back to a point in Dave Mendoza's life where there will be greater emphasis once again on delivering first class acoustic music, a little less prominent in featuring personal world views.

Having thus far been able to recruit the help of his son C.J. and Russian violinist Lisa Kanchukh residing in the vicinity of the German town of Freiburg (and possibly other future members of the project), fans of acoustic music and unusual acoustic cover arrangements may look forward to the new sound that's coming up from these "Acoustic Freaks" in the very near future.


New: The Mendoza Rock Songs Compilation

The 21 rockiest Mendoza tunez
available for free from



Why I Wouldn't Take a Record Deal from Sony for a Million Bucks!

Artists of the world, don't be stupid. Don't sign with Sony for whatever amount of money.
Otherwise it will be your own fault if THIS is what's going to happen when people around the world will want to hear your music.

Sony sucks!



Mendoza Discography on Mediafire

Site crashes and flunking web hosts cause the average user to become innovative, or to look around for alternatives.

Lo and behold, one alternative that wasn't around when I first set out to share my music with the world was Mediafire
Without having to wait for 50 seconds until you can download a file (as is the case with Rapidshare), folks will be able to download the first 15 Mendoza albums as zip files in case of future site crashes from various file hosting services as indicated in the albums section in the side bar, or individual tracks from